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Wastewater treatment and recycling in tourism industry

The biggest challenge for a wastewater treatment plant for e.g. a hotel or resort lies in the seasonal fluctuations. Summer or winter operation can lead to considerable stress. Often within a few days. We are dealing with the wastewater of the hotel and the restaurants. In many cases, the issue of water reuse plays a major role. Many holiday resorts are located on islands, in dry areas, or directly at waters. Clean water and an untouched nature are therefore essential requirements for the tourism industry. Therefore you should only hand over your wastewater project to experts. More than 20 years of experience in wastewater treatment plants for hotels, holiday resorts and the catering sector.

In our practical report Hotel business you can get a first impression of of our various application possibilities in the field of sewage technology. We are convinced that we will find the right solution for your requirements as well.

Practical Report Hotel business

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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment


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