Two individual puzzle pieces are put together
The ATB Modular systems
Flexibility for every installation

The ATB Modular system - Perfectly adapted and individual!

We have the right puzzle piece for your demands

Do you still have too much hose or a few compressors in stock? Never mind! Just compose the right sewage treatment plant for you. Also without hose or with a special compressor of your choice.

We have arranged a PUROO  ® modular system with which you can create both, the PUROO ® M for partition wall installation, as also the PUROO  ® Z for fixing in empty tanks, all from 1-16 PE individually designed for our application. Or also both versions as PUROO  ® Complete with an aerated primary tank.

Furthermore, there is an even more comprehensive AQUAMAX ® modular system available from 1-75 PE, with the possibility of arranging the CLASSIC-, as well as the PRO G version with pressure aeration. In the PUROO ® and the AQUAMAX ® modular system, more than 1,000 different combinations of all components are available to you. Simply choose the right core system package for your application and add the necessary control, the corresponding aeration components and the additional accessories. All core packages are marked with a serial number as usual.

The ATB Modular system Plus+

Individual extension options for your wastewater treatment plant


Combine existing or new wastewater treatment systems PUROO ® from 1-16 p.e. or AQUAMAX ® from 1-75 p.e. with hygienization, phosphate precipitation and/or remote data transmission and treat your wastewater to the maximum purification level. With our PLUS+ modular system almost all combinations of extended wastewater treatment are possible.

By post-treatment of the effluent water with UV light, residual bacteria and germs in the treated wastewater will almost completely be killed.

With support of chemical or electrolytic precipitation, the phosphate contained in the wastewater can be reduced to a minimum and even limit values of Pges < 1 mg/l can be complied.

An uncomplicated possibility for the control of the sewage treatment plant operations as well as to avoid deficits – especially on self-monitoring by the operator – is the use of remote data transmission.

Download the flyer about the ATB modular system Plus+ here