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Camping has a faithful fan base and is again completely in fashion – and not only just since the Corona crisis. Hardly surprising. The camper stands for freedom, independence and a comparatively inexpensive holiday. Camping is, however, at lot more. It is a feeling of being alive, which at the moment is being rediscovered by the younger generation. Those whom climate and environmental protection are more important than the long-haul flight to Australia are rewarded with a relaxed holiday on wonderful camping sites. However, as with other booms, this trend also has its downside. The environmentally sound treatment and recycling of the wastewater for instance, presents camping site operators, planning offices and installers of wastewater treatment plants with major challenges. It is now time to take a closer look at the possible solutions.


Camping in the overtaking lane

 • 5.526 new Caravans were licensed in September 2020. Compared to the same month last year, this is an increase of 165.3 percent!

 • 1.965 new caravan registrations were noted in September 2020. An increase of 22.7 percent.

 • 51.000.000 overnight stays have been recorded so far in 2020 at Germany‘s approximately 3,000 campsites.

 • sales were generated by the German caravan industry alone, setting a new record for the sixth year in succession.

 • 35 % of German campsite visitors mentioned the Corona pandemic as a reason for deciding to go camping.

Overcrowded camping sites demand new concepts

As true East Westphalian family business we take on the responsibility – for our customers, our colleagues and the environment. This company philosophy is reflected also in our range of services. Thus we have developed branch solutions with which ATB WATER supported camping site operators, in Germany and the whole of Europe, with the planning and implementation of sustainable wastewater concepts.

Everywhere, where there are many people to be found, they leave marks – and meant here are not just the tyre tracks of caravans. It is much more about litter and wastewater. As there was hardly a single camping site operator who could reckon with the current boom, many waste and wastewater concepts were also not prepared for the rush of visitors. Wastewater volumes at campsites fluctuate extremely - daily and seasonally. So a modern solution is needed that meets the increased requirements - in terms of wastewater volume and in terms of environmentally friendly implementation. For all the different types of wastewater there are different statutory rules and regulations, which camping site operators must take into account – from water rights law over the waste management law up to commercial statutory orders.

Sewage lines on camping sites visually represented

Exclusively for you and suitable for the industry – our digital whitepaper

Whitepaper camping sites

Learn all about wastewater treatment and recycling at campsites here, because after all, clean water is becoming increasingly important as a resource. Not only in Germany or Europe. Many camping site operators have already implemented this. In our whitepaper you will find references and opinions from camping site operators with whom we have already carried out successful projects. Be part of it and help us to further our vision.
For a world with clean water - Because water protection is climate protection.

It's worth a look! Just click on the blue button and off you go!

ATB WATER: Use our guidance for your wastewater treatment and recycling

As a specialist in innovative wastewater technologies and decentralised wastewater treatment, we will be happy to advise you and to show you which wastewater concept comes into question for your camping site. What is more, we take a good look at your personal requirements and wishes, get an idea of things on site and focus on the latest technology. Thus we are guaranteed to find exactly the right solution for you. Because your satisfaction is just as important to us as the most environmentally friendly use of the most important resource on our planet. Everything for a world with clean water.

Get your project-related calculation including indicative price offer here:

To the online calculation with our aquacalculatorpro

You can find our SBR wastewater treatment systems suitable for the industry >here<

Installation on campsite "Val de l'Aisne"

A campsite in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes

Here you can see a video about a campsite operated by ATB. This is located in Belgium and is one of the largest (campsites) in Wallonia. It was developed by ATB, installed in 2018 and has been regularly maintained since then. The work on site took about 10 days. This is designed for 600 people.

Video camping Val de l´Aisne

Here you can find even more

Visit our Youtube channel right now and watch even more projects from us. We show you projects from Germany and other countries. Informative and entertaining videos are waiting for you, and you are welcome to comment on them.

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Video Camping Capfun

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