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Our vision: For a world with cleanWater

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Our strategy

In the last years the awareness of our society has changed considerably: It does not count anymore only what a company knows to do and pretends to be the social behaviour, responsible acting in a social meaning and non-commercial ideals today determine an extensive part of the perception and the image of a company. In this context the protection of the climate is a perfect example and in our case it is absolutely fitting. We take advantage of this change of the awareness: from now on we will communicate to the public not only our formal company values or which kind of technical solutions we are able to produce. In fact the recipients of our messages from personal contact over the audience of classical advertising up to the consumers of social media will get to know our attitude, our inner values and our non-commercial goals and ideas.

Because we are:

  • a responsible and an out of the box thinking company of environmental technologies, which contributes a lot to the climate protection by the protection of our water
  • the innovative leader of technical solutions for decentral sewage treatment. For this we are called to reduce the consequences of the climate change
  • an experienced and dynamic as well as a start-up like company with the ideal and the mission „For a world with clean water!“

Making clear, that the protection of the water is an important part of the climate protection, so: Water protection is climate protection.

You do not necessarily need to do more than before: With ATB you automatically get involved with the protection of the climate and at the same time you are fighting against the climate change! Based on this we will report through the Blog (coming soon) of ATB as well as through various social media channels and - if applicable - in classical form on the whole world of water within the set of problems of the climate - on problems, conflicts and barriers, but as well as on tasks, innovations and solutions. Let's get started:

ATB WATER – For a world with clean water. Because water protection is climate protection.

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Our mission statement with vision and values