Finished containerized wastewater treatment plant AQUAMAX® PRO CUBE with ATB logo

AQUAMAX ® PRO CUBE containerized wastewater treatment plant

AQUAMAX® PRO CUBE containerized wastewater treatment plants are basically constructed like conventional wastewater treatment plants in concrete structures, in which the individual treatment stages are also separated from each other by walls. Both SBR and continuous MBBR technology are available as biological treatment processes. The standard design contains nitrification, denitrification and a secondary sedimentation in separate treatment stages each. Pre-sedimentation, storage and homogenization of the wastewater is usually carried out on site in underground concrete basins and then pumped to the containerized treatment plant.

However, at the customer's request, all treatment stages, such as pre-treatment, biological wastewater treatment, final clarification and storage of the excess sludge can also be carried out in containers.

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  • Domestic wastewater treatment for small settlements
  • Wastewater treatment for hotels and 
    tourist facilities
  • Special applications such as large temporary 


  • SBR or MBBR technology
  • The standard configuration provides for the biological
    treatment stages nitrification, denitrification and
    secondary treatment are provided as standard solution
  • Technical equipment and automation included
  • Flow rate up to 150 m3/day, higher flow rates can be
    achieved by installation of containers in parallel lines

Your advantages:
Maximum flexibility: Depending on customer requirements
    or the size of the plant, additional treatment stages
    such as curved or rotary screen, phosphate precipitation,
    UV disinfection or chlorination, sludge dewatering using
    dewatering by means of dewatering containers or filter
    bag can be included
✔ Turnkey handover and plug&play
✔ If a decision is made in favor of a complete solution in
    containers, only inlet pumping station, concrete
    foundation for the containers and outlet chamber
    have to be provided by the client