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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment

AQUAMAX® PRO XL – the SBR treatment plant for slightly bigger challenges

This type of system can be implemented quickly and easily as a system based on standard components. The wastewater treatment plant has been specially designed for small settlements and villages as well as for catering, hotel and commercial businesses. By combining individual, modular SBR lines, wastewater treatment plant sizes from 50 to 1,000 PE or up to 150 m3/day can be realised. Depending on the connection size, the required flow parameters and the individual conditions, the wastewater treatment plant is configured to suit your application using standardised components.

This means that the system can be used flexibly and offers the advantage of high operational reliability thanks to its modular design. The PRO XL system is also particularly service-friendly, as all units can be removed individually and easily via the inspection openings of the wastewater treatment plant. Maintenance and repairs are thus possible without having to empty the tanks. 

You need more? Of course we offer you optional hygienisation, phosphate removal or filtration. In this way, we can safely comply with even higher legal requirements. Would you like to irrigate your green areas with treated wastewater? We have customized solutions for that, too - take a look at our flip page catalog right now!

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Waste water from several residential units is collected

Functional scheme

  1. Automatic control
  2. Inflow                                                          
  3. Primary treatment                                                   
  4. Buffer
  5. Feed pump
  6. SBR treatment tanks
  7. Aeration system
  8. Submersible motor pump (sludge recirculation)
  9. Submersible motor pump (clear water)
  10. Outflow

The aeration system has two different versions
(option a: with surface aerator or option b: with strip aerator and compressor)

functional scheme of a cleaning process
control centre with one proControl installed

The new control panels of the AQUAMAX ® PRO XL

The AQUAMAX ® PRO XL is available in two versions, type XL1 for single-line wastewater treatment plants up to 200 PE and type XL2 for double-line wastewater treatment plants up to 400 PE. Each control type is manufactured identically and is prepared for all requirements and additional options.

The illuminated plain text display with four lines, the state-of-the-art menu navigation and the possibility of software updates make this control unit the true high-tech control centre of your wastewater treatment plant. Whether weekly running times, manual interventions or function interruptions - each action is recorded in an electronic logbook, similar to the telephone book in the mobile phone. For example, the responsible maintenance service can view and analyze error messages based on the stored events.

The UVS  ® voltage failure detection ensures that a failure of the supply voltage does not go unnoticed. Of course ATB has also thought about the future with all this: Should the legal requirements continue to rise, you can benefit from all further developments with the proControl © 2 through the update and expansion option - even in many years to come. This means that the cleaning performance of the wastewater treatment plant can be continuously improved. This is already possible today with the additional options of hygienisation and phosphate removal.

A team of experienced specialists with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the field of wastewater technology enables the in-house design and project planning of all AQUAMAX ® PRO XL systems and controls. Starting with the circuit diagram concept up to the electrical installation, all components are optimally matched to each other.