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Wastewater treatment and recycling in breweries

Brewery wastewater is generally polluted with two different classes of pollutants. In the direct brewing process, biological substances such as yeasts, starch or sugar compounds are increasingly introduced into the wastewater. By cleaning brewery plants (boilers, pipelines, etc.) and washing empties, large quantities of chemical cleaning detergents are also discharged into the wastewater of breweries.

Some large breweries use special wastewater treatment processes to recycle substances such as diatomaceous earth and return them to the production process. Wastewater treatment plants that significantly reduce the environmental impact of discharging wastewater into municipal wastewater systems (indirect discharge) are also becoming important in this context. This is often required by the operator of the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

In addition, this method is often very cost-effective, as breweries with their own wastewater treatment plants often save on very high discharge fees. Important parameters for brewery wastewater are nitrogen and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

Beer is a basic foodstuff – All over the world

At least that is how it is seen by millions of people around the world. By the way – the barley juice has not been created in Germany, but in ancient Egypt. The recipe has reached Germany by 4000 years old hieroglyphs – so indeed long before the Bavarian purity law came into being. Nowadays, each year, around 177 billion litres of beer are drunk globally. The leader is China, consuming more than 42 billion litres each year. What about per capita consumption? Europe remains at the top of the charts – as this top 5 shows:

1. Czech Republic: 191 litres
2. Austria: 107.6 litres
3. Germany: 101.1 litres
4. Romania: 98.9 litres
5. Poland: 98.2 litres

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The example given in this Whitepaper about the Belgian brewery, demonstrated the efficiency of SBR-wastewater treatment plants and their benefits in the beverage industry. Due to the high degree of flexibility, this process can be adapted to facilities of any size. Training for personnel in how it works and is operated is no trouble at all. It’s no wonder that we could support many other breweries, wineries and distilleries using the SBR-process in countries throughout the EU in order to ensure optimal wastewater treatment. We take our time to properly advise you. We want to learn about the specific challenges you are facing in your company and work together to find the best solutions for your wastewater treatment and reuse. As our customer, you are just as important to us as our efforts to handle our planet’s most important resource as carefully as possible. We do everything we can to ensure clean water for the world. Protecting our water means protecting the environment.

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