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Wastewater treatment and recycling in municipalities

Whether small villages, city districts or municipal facilities, such as schools or other public institutions. Our SBR wastewater treatment plants are located exactly there. Tailored to your municipal challenges. Flexible in operation. Safe in the effluent values and of course easily expandable. Our remote monitoring additionally supports operational safety. Even in urban areas with central access, our sewage treatment plants can help to relieve overloaded wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems.

In our practical report University you can get a first impression of of our various application possibilities in the field of sewage technology. We are convinced that we will find the right solution for your requirements as well.

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Practical Report University

AQUAMAX ®: the optimal small wastewater treatment plant for every application

In this video you will learn everything about wastewater treatment systems for domestic wastewater. In cities, domestic, but also commercial and industrial wastewater is generally collected in the sewer system and treated centrally in a treatment plant. In rural areas, domestic wastewater disposal through a small wastewater treatment plant is often more economical than a central connection.
No matter whether multi-chamber pits or multi-tank systems, whether made of concrete or plastic, whether for individual or group solutions: The AQUAMAX ® is the optimal small wastewater treatment plant for every area of application - effective, innovative and future-proof. Up to 99% cleaning performance in only 8 hours!

Waste water from several residential units is collected

You can find our SBR wastewater treatment systems suitable for the industry >here<

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