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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment

AQUAMAX® PRO G – The standard SBR wastewater treatment plant for your business

Fully biological SBR wastewater treatment plant for multi-chamber tanks – for new construction and retrofitting.


Specially developed for irregularly occurring and highly polluted wastewater from hotels, gastronomy and food processing companies in sizes up to 50 PE or 7,500 liters/day: the "G" variants of the AQUAMAX ® PRO. Complex adaptations to the tanks as well as installation and maintenance work under water are now a thing of the past, because even the retrofitting of old wastewater treatment plants is possible without earthworks. Due to the AQUAMAX ® modular system, the AQUAMAX ® PRO G is always expandable and can be adapted to the state of the art or new legislation at any time by means of software updates, without having to invest in a new wastewater treatment plant.

Most important: The AQUAMAX ® PRO G achieves a cleaning efficiency of up to 99%, even under the most difficult conditions. Even the safe removal of nitrogen according to the European standard EN 12566, part 3, is not an issue for the AQUAMAX ® PRO G.

You need more? Of course we offer you optional hygienisation, phosphate removal or filtration. In this way, we can also safely comply with higher legal requirements. Would you like to irrigate your green spaces with treated wastewater? We have customized solutions for that, too - take a look at our flip page catalog right now!

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Functional scheme

  1. Automatic control
  2. Inflow                                                          
  3. Primary treatment                                                   
  4. Buffer
  5. Feeding pump
  6. SBR treatment tanks
  7. Carrier frame
  8. Submersible motor pump (clear water)
  9. One or two submersible motor aerators
  10. Submersible motor pump (sludge recirculation)
  11. Control cable
  12. Outflow

In the G-B type, compressors and strip aerators are used for aeration instead of submersible motor aerators.

functional scheme of the cleaning process
Our gray control proControl © 2

proControl © 2 – the control centre for AQUAMAX  ® PRO G wastewater treatment plants

EA text display with four lines, the state-of-the-art menu navigation and the possibility of software updates via the integrated interface make this control unit not only a control unit for the eight-hour cleaning cycles, but also a true high-tech control centre for small wastewater treatment plants. Whether weekly running times, manual interventions or function interruptions - every action is recorded in an electronic logbook, similar to the telephone book in a mobile phone. For example, the maintenance service can track all important events.

The UVS ® voltage failure detection ensures that a failure of the supply voltage does not go unnoticed. Of course ATB has also thought about the future with all this: Should the legal requirements continue to rise, you can benefit from all further developments with the proControl  © 2 through the update and expansion option - even in many years to come. This means that the cleaning performance of the wastewater treatment plant can be continuously improved. This is already possible today with the additional options of hygienisation and phosphate removal.