wastewater treatment components

Wastewater Treatment Components

Aerators, mixers, decanters and rental equipment

High-quality wastewater treatment components from ATB WATER

Based on more than 20 years of experience, ATB WATER develops and manufactures the core components for biological wastewater treatment in-house at various locations in Germany and Romania. Our aerators, mixers and decanters are available in numerous types and designs and cover the entire range of process engineering options used in wastewater treatment. From SBR applications via classical activated sludge processes and pond treatment plants to membrane processes, the technically and economically best solution is selected together with the customer from the variety of available products.

The high in-house production depth in the field of plastics and stainless steel processing enables us to also implement individual and tailor-made solutions "Made in Germany" at particularly economical conditions.

Our manufacturing facility in Romania operates to the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

The components from ATB WATER have proven themselves in municipal wastewater treatment as well as in industrial applications across all industries. Our equipment is used in milk processing, in breweries, slaughterhouses, animal body disposal plants, food processing plants, leachate treatment or the treatment of surface water in biogas plants.

ATB Aerators


AATB offers almost the entire range of aeration technology in the field of wastewater treatment.

You will find a wide range of design variations and sizes of a wide variety of aerators:

  • Surface aerator
  • Combined surface aerators/mixers
  • Submerged aerator
  • Jet aerator

With our process engineering expertise, we support you from the determination of the basic principles to the selection of units to the constructive realisation of your plant.

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ATB Mixer


Mixers and agitators from ATB homogenize the tank contents and prevent sediments from depositing on the bottom of the tank..

Our floating top entry mixers of type HSM and our gear-based mixers of type LDM have proven themselves in practice as particularly economical and low-maintenance alternatives due to their vertical flow design.

Various design versions are available and also permit customer-specific solutions. In addition to classic activated sludge plants and ponds, the mixers are particularly suitable for SBR plants and plants in which the prevention and control of floating layers is of particular importance.

ATB offers:

  • Floating Top Entry Mixers
  • Vertical mixer with gearbox
  • Submersible agitators with/without gearbox, incl. accessories

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ATB Decanter


ATB-CWE decanters are used to remove the near-surface clear water layer at the end of a treatment cycle in an SBR plant.

Decanting describes the sludge-water separation step in the SBR process. In the SBR process, the clear water discharge / decanters assume the function of the secondary clarifier and are therefore of absolutely decisive importance for the effluent quality. Their function is essentially determined by the solids content in the effluent of the treatment plant. 
ATB decanters have been specially designed to meet the process-specific requirements of the SBR process.

The floating design in combination with a submerged and completely horizontally aligned inflow area ensures that only the clear water layer reaches the effluent of the wastewater treatment plants. Turbulences are excluded by the very conservative design of the aggregates.
Different design options with and without own pressure increase allow the adaptation of the units to different hydraulic and wastewater technical specifications.


  • Pump decanter with PE floating body
  • Stainless steel decanter
  • Stainless steel decanter with locking function

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ATB rental equipment

Rental equipment

In many applications, you as a customer are faced with the problem that no exact design data is available or that you only need an interim solution. For these applications, ATB also offers the option of using aerators, mixers or decanters within the framework of a rental agreement instead of purchasing the equipment.

The rented equipment remains the property of ATB and can be used by the customer for a monthly fee, e.g. for test purposes or for an interim solution. The rental contract can be terminated monthly by the customer after the minimum rental period of 3 months has expired. Should the customer decide to purchase during the rental period, a substantial part of the lease payments can be deducted from the purchase price. This opens up the possibility of making the investment decision on the basis of real in-situ operating experience, especially in the case of complex process engineering tasks.

If there is no suitable rental device in stock, ATB will manufacture it especially for the rental order. 


  • Municipal wastewater treatment plant
  • Rainwater purification on a biogas plant
  • Landfill leachate treatment

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