ATB-HBA Submersible aerator from 0.8 to 75 kW

Product description

  • Direct drive submerged high efficiency aerator, available with or without channel extensions
  • Self-aspirating
  • High oxygen transfer rates and optimal mixing capacity in deep basins


  • Homogenisation and equalization tanks
  • SBR plants
  • Activated sludge plants
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Flotation of greases, oils and solids

Working principle

The impeller rotating inside the mixing chamber aspirates water through the opening between the motor and the stainless steel body of the unit. By accelerating the water radially 360° through the outlet channels a vacuum is created inside the mixing chamber. This vacuum induces a flow of air into the chamber from above the water level through the aspiration pipe. This aspirated air is mixed with the water to very fine bubbles inside the mixing chamber and then ejected through the outlet channels. The strong density induced flow creates a perfect mixing pattern and oxygen distribution in the tank. Extension channels (option type –C) will optimize oxygen transfer and oxygen distribution.


Here you will find the installation and
operating instructions for the HBA aerator

SOTE diagram

SOTE diagram from HBA submersible aerator

Here you can see the HBA submersible aerator in action

The HBA self-priming submersible aerator in use in a water basin


  • Motor body: cast iron G25
  • Motor shaft: AISI 420
  • Impeller: AISI 316/304
  • Diffuser, channels (only type –C), intake chamber,
    screws: AISI304


  • Aspiration pipe
  • Protective grid for aspiration pipe
  • Lifting hook for aspiration pipe
  • Silencer
  • Lifting system

Electrical Data and Working Area¹

Motor power
Rated current3
Ø Intake pipe
Max. Water level
HBA-030 (-C)3,157,81395325,00
HBA-040 (-C)4,09,31400806,00
HBA-055 (-C)5,512,41410806,00
HBA-075 (-C)7,518,51425806,00
HBA-090 (-C)9,019,01435806,00
HBA-110 (-C)11,023,014351007,00
HBA-150 (-C)15,030,514501007,00
HBA-185 (-C)18,537,514551007,00
HBA-220 (-C)22,044,014601007,00
HBA-300 (-C)30,059,014601257,00
HBA-370 (-C)37,071,514651257,00
HBA-450 (-C)45,082,014751507,00
HBA-550 (-C)55,0104,014751507,00
HBA-750 (-C)75,0138,014751508,00


All values are indicative. ATB WATER GmbH reserves the right to adjust these values at any time without prior notice.
-C = with extension channels
Values valid for power supply 400 V / 50 Hz. The working range is from 380 to 415 V, amps value and rotation speed may differ.