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Wastewater treatment and recycling in refugee camps

They flee from need, fear and political persecution. Millions of people all over the world are forced to leave their homes. A new crisis somewhere in the world could cause another wave of refugees tomorrow. Climate refugees will be added in the future. This can already be observed today, for example after severe natural disasters.

A special challenge associated with this is the establishment of refugee camps. The sanitary conditions there are often catastrophic. Good wastewater treatment plants are often lacking. Here it is particularly important to provide a quick solution. The prevention of diseases and epidemics has a high value in refugee suburbs. ATB supplies both wastewater treatment plants in container solutions and technologies that can be installed in local purification ponds or locally constructed containers. Of course, we also offer sewage treatment plants for wastewater from stationary refugee hostels that do not have their own sewer connection.
Our sewage treatment plants can also disinfect the water so far, e.g. by means of UV, so that it can be reused as service water.

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