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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment


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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment


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Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment


MBR Membran Bioreaktor

Membrane Bioreactor MBR

Imemflo ®

Semi-Central Wastewater Treatment


The SBR wastewater treatment system as a standard solution

  • Our standard solution for 2-50 PE or 7,500 l/day
  • Specially designed for fluctuating wastewater volumes such as small to medium-sized companies in food production or catering.
  • Low engineering effort because we work with a preconfigured components.

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The SBR wastewater treatment system for medium-sized businesses or municipal applications.

  • Our standard solution for 50-1000 PE or up to 150 m3/day
  • Specially designed for fluctuating wastewater volumes such as small to medium-sized companies in food production or catering.
  • Particularly suitable for the tourism business.

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The individually tailored SBR wastewater treatment system for medium to large businesses or municipal applications.

  • Our wastewater treatment plant, individually for 50-10,000 PE or up to 1,500 m3/day
  • Specially designed for fluctuating wastewater volumes such as medium to large businesses or municipal applications.

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imemflo ® MBR Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is an efficient and most advanced technology for municipal and industrial wastewater.

  • Flat sheet MBR 
  • Hollow fiber MBR

            a. Hollow Fiber MBR (H-MBR)
            b. PVDF Hollow Fiber (HP- MBR)

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Wastewater treatment made by ATB WATER.

In cooperation with institutes and universities in Germany and abroad, the AQUAMAX ® PRO- wastewater treatment plant system has been developed on the basis of our market-leading AQUAMAX  ® small wastewater treatment plants, especially for users in the commercial sector as well as for smaller municipalities.

The system works according to the proven SBR process and offers highly economical solutions for almost every professional requirement.

The AQUAMAX ® PRO series was specially designed for irregular and highly polluted wastewater from hotel, catering, commercial and food processing companies as well as for residential areas and smaller villages.

We have standardised the plant technology of our PRO G and XL series for applications up to 1,000 PE. In addition, we also offer customised XXL plants up to 10,000 PE.

Many good reasons, why real professionals rely on AQUAMAX ® PRO...

  • Flexible - also for retrofitting

    The plants can be installed in almost all types of tanks, regardless of material and geometry - from concrete to plastic to GRP tanks.


  • Sustainable

    Thanks to the AQUAMAX ® modular system, your system can be expanded and adapted to the state of the art at any time by means of software updates.


  • Hygienization

    Optional: safe hygienisation by UV post treatment or chlorination.


  • Prepared for phosphate removal

    The control proControl  © 2 is prepared for an external phosphate removal.


  • Universally applicable

    The AQUAMAX ® PRO series is suitable for almost any biodegradable wastewater.


  • Experience, Safety & Service

    The best-selling SBR wastewater treatment plant in Germany, installed thousands of times worldwide!


  • First-class effluent values

    The systems are designed according to the project-specific data. The design is flexible depending on the required cleaning performance!



Wastewater treatment plants for commercial, industrial, tourism and municipal applications


Wastewater from commercial or industrial enterprises poses special challenges for wastewater treatment plants: Whether in the food industry, nursing homes or hospitals, we often have to deal with irregular and fluctuating wastewater volumes. The tourism sector also offers a multitude of challenges. Our experts have already planned and implemented many wastewater treatment plants for hotels, restaurants, campsites and other tourist facilities.

It is self-evident that wastewater treatment plants for municipalities and cities are at least as suitable for us. Here, too, we have a number of references.

Depending on the application and suitability, we use high-quality surface aerators or submersible aerators made by ATB in Germany for the aeration of wastewater. Often, we also offer compressors with membrane aeration systems.

We will be happy to work out a tailor-made solution for you. Contact us.

VTrust in our experience. We have been building wastewater treatment plants of the AQUAMAX ® PRO series for 20 years.

By the way: We do not only clean the wastewater. Our wastewater treatment plants also produce your process water for irrigation, cleaning roads and sidewalks or as cooling water in production processes.

Our standardised AQUAMAX  ® PRO plant series

Possible areas of application for the systems are hotel/restaurant/commercial businesses, food processing companies, housing estates/villages/cities, public buildings/facilities, tourism facilities.