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Wastewater treatment and recycling in dairies milk processing

Wastewater in the milk processing industry contains a lot of fat, solids, COD and BOD. Therefore it is very suitable for biological wastewater treatment plants. However, there are some challenges especially in milk processing. Due to the use of strong cleaning agents, there are a few things that need to be taken into account in wastewater treatment plants in this field. Our experts have already implemented countless wastewater treatment plants, for example for cheese production or milk filling. Wastewater treatment plants for milk processing are also frequently used when the wastewater is subsequently discharged into the sewer. This allows the milk producer to significantly reduce his wastewater fees. As a result, wastewater treatment systems in this sector often pay back after a short time.

In our practical report Finca & cheese production you can get a first impression of of our various application possibilities in the field of sewage technology. We are convinced that we will find the right solution for your requirements as well.

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Practical Report Finca & cheese production

You can find our SBR wastewater treatment systems suitable for the industry >here<

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