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Wastewater treatment and recycling in meat industry

Wastewater from butchers' shops and slaughterhouses is heavily contaminated with fats and other organic substances such as faeces and hair. In addition, considerable amounts of solids are extracted from the animals' gut during slaughter. Fats and fatty acids in wastewater from butchers and other meat processors can accumulate and clog in pipelines. Fatty acids often lead to corrosion of wastewater pipes and other technical equipment in plants and sewage treatment plants. In wastewater treatment plants, fats are an obstacle to biological treatment. In addition, there are often large temperature differences. The use of cleaning detergents is particularly important for hygienic reasons. - This represents an additional challenge for sewage treatment plants. Strong organic impurities from the meat industry can lead to overfertilisation and fish mortality when discharged directly into water. A further problem of wastewater from the meat industry is the local odour annoyance and the introduction of germs into waters.

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Practical report Butcher shop

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