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Group solutions
ATB Wastewater treatment systems

ATB Wastewater treatment systems – Group solutions

Planning together! Saving together!

In cities, wastewater – whether domestic, commercial or industrial – is usually collected in the sewerage system and treated centrally at a wastewater treatment plant. In rural areas, a decentralized solution is often more cost-effective than a connection to the municipal sewer system. Small wastewater treatment plants are units that can cope with a wastewater flow of up to 8 m3 per day. This is equivalent to the requirements of 50 people (50 PT), assuming a daily inflow of 150 litres per inhabitant per day.

Whenever several property owners share one treatment plant together, this application is reffered to as a ‘group solution’. Group solutions using small wastewater treatment plants offer certain advantages over individual solutions. Basically, pooling several properties to form a group solution makes sense not just ecologically, but economically and technically as well. This is why group solutions dealing with the wastewater from several properties are generally to be preferred. They are more reliable than small wastewater treatment plants for single properties, because the volume of wastewater is more balanced. With consolidated small treatment plants, if the size of the system is properly optimised, not only do the specific costs usually drop considerably, but also the individual contributions of the residents connected. Compared to a treatment plant for four persons, the specific costs per capita for a group solution involving 10 to 20 neighbours can be up to only a quarter of a single house solution.

It’s all the same whether it’s multicompartment septic tanks or multi-tank plants, whether they’re made of concrete or plastic, whether it’s for single or group solutions: the AQUAMAX ® is the ideal small treatment plant for every application – effective, innovative and sustainable. Up to 99% purification in only 8 hours!

    All the benefits of group purification plant solutions at a glance:

  • Bigger savings in investment costs – up to 25% or more per PT connected.
  • Lower operating costs for maintenance, repair and sludge disposal.
  • Lower electricity costs thanks to bundling of wastewater purification.
  • More stable operation, less noticeable load fluctuations thanks to relatively constant wastewater inflows.
  • More beautiful single gardens due to missing manhole covers and open-air columns.
  • Easier access to the wastewater treatment plants, e.g. for maintenance contractors, as there is only a single location.
  • Simplified communication with the authorities, the maintenance contractor and the sludge disposal firm. One person with time and interest can be chosen to look after everything. Alternatively, an external caretaker can be appointed.
  • Expandable: additional purification levels P + H can be retrofitted later if required.
  • Can easily be constructed from prefabricated parts for up to 200 PT.

The AQUAMAX ® ZB 28 PT as practical example

Our pressure aerated AQUAMAX ® was entered into service in 2005 for a grouping of five terraced houses in 09600 Wegefarth (D). It is a retrofit in an old existing tank Ø = 5.0 m on one of the five building plots. The owner of the land on which the existing tank is situated is the responsible party.

Our Aquamax ZB as a practical example in a garden
Our Aquamax ZB as a practical example in a garden

The AQUAMAX ® XL2 150 PT as a practical example

Our AQUAMAX ® was entered into service in 2017 in France in the town of GRAZAC, south of Toulouse. This is a new prefabricated in circular tanks in a grouping of 35 houses. An external company is responsible for management.


Our Aquamax XL2 as a practical example in a garden
technical drawing of the plant