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Dear customers and business partners,

Climate change can no longer be stopped only by reducing CO2 emissions. It will not be possible to stay below the global warming limit of 1.5 °C by preventive measures alone. Instead, it is now necessary to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

That is why we decided some time ago to support the "C to the Power of 3" project. And you have contributed to it with your donation at the end of 2019 on the occasion of our celebration of ATB's 20th anniversary.
For this - perhaps a little late, but therefore even more from the bottom of our hearts - MANY, MANY THANKS!!!

                                       *Actually more than € 15,000 have been donated*


Of course, we would like to present the current results of our project in Soc Trang Province in Vietnam and thus also provide proof of what has happened with your money:

The small-scale demonstration project for CO2 compensation and wastewater treatment is operational since December 2019. Around 5 m³ wastewater from a school and a wet market is daily treated in a constructed wetland planted with bamboo. The project captures carbon and treats wastewater at the same time.

During the first year of operation the project has performed well, capturing 60 tons of CO2 / hectare and year. Besides, 1.800 m³ of wastewater have been treated, equalling some 6,6 tons of CO2 avoided. The project has also generated job opportunities for 3 part-time employees.

Of course, we continue to support the project and look forward to your donations in the future. Let´s stick together to our vision and pursue it further:  

                                    For a world with clean water. Because water protection is climate protection!


You may wish to share the link of our crowd-funding platform with your friends and colleagues, or maybe even compensate your latest travels or purchases through this website.

entrance to our building - project cto3
young bamboo plants
woman in front of bamboo