World Water Day 2021 - Valuing Water

Dear customers and business partners,

the topic of this year's World Water Day is "Valuing Water". With this motto, the United Nations wants to call on people to think about the vital importance of water and its value. We should all keep in mind the global goals and what we can do locally to achieve them, because water means life and our civilization depends on it more than ever - especially in times of climate change. Only together we can overcome this challenge and realize the implementation of these goals. Our vision: "For a world with clean water" is therefore not simply stated succinctly. We want to conserve our water resources as well as possible, because water protection is climate protection and our wastewater treatment plants also need BIO!

ATB has alternatives to chemicals for you. Use our ecological cleaners "Ecoplan" soon and do your sewage plant and the environment a big favor! The wrong cleaning agents damage your sewage treatment plant and contaminate our groundwater. So make sure you use the right cleaning agent for your drain.

We also invest in projects to offset your CO2 emissions and actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time you invest in the wastewater treatment of developing countries!


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