Earth Day 2021

Dear customers and business partners,

this year's Earth Day in Germany has the topic: "Every bite counts". Protect what you eat - protect our earth, live consciously and sustainably. Organic, regional, fair.

The focus is on appreciating our environment and raising awareness for an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We should all sensitize ourselves to the existing environmental problems and rethink our consumption behavior, because this is urgently needed now!

It's the little things that make a big difference! For example, avoiding to-go cups and using reusable drinking cups instead. Saving plastic packaging or reducing products from factory farms. Avoiding chemical cleaners and using biodegradable cleaning products like "Ecoplan" instead.

EVERYONE can contribute something and without much effort. We invest in projects to "offset CO2 emissions" and actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Support us in this great project and invest at the same time in the wastewater treatment of developing countries.

Together we can make a difference!


Your ATB-Team





World Earth Day