"We need perspectives now."

Dear partners and customers,

for many companies in Germany the climate is slowly becoming very thin. I consider the measures taken by the Federal Government under the leadership of Mrs Merkel so far to be absolutely necessary and appropriate. Our government had to react quickly and comprehensively to the as yet unexplored danger of the COVID-19 virus.

But now, after the Easter holidays, we all need a vision of how to proceed. The discussion about a "smart" exit must now not only be allowed, but must be pursued at full speed. The intelligent opening of small shops, certain sports facilities or restaurants is urgently overdue.

We at ATB have clear strategic goals. These have not only been suspended for several weeks now, but will now have to be completely revised very soon.

However, this will only work if we can better assess the future.

We will definitely stick to our vision "A world with clean water".

Even if the path to this goal will change massively, it will give our employees, customers and business partners an orientation.

The essence of life for people and companies is a vision for the future. Today more than ever, we need an orientation.

And the following still applies: Keep your distance and stay together.

Best wishes and stay healthy
Your Markus Baumann

ATB's CEO and founder Markus Baumann presents face mask