Fun instead of speed - running for a healthy working atmosphere

"The fun and the joy of the common movement are in the foreground of the AOK company run. When colleagues run together, it's not about winners and best times. Team spirit is in the foreground - for health and a positive working atmosphere" - this is the message of the organiser of the AOK Company Run in Herford, East Westphalia.

Last Wednesday, 3 July, this was the 4th time this event had taken place.

The AOK Company Run Herford is not a temporary competition. All companies and schools in the region can take part. The team spirit alone will be strengthened. 

The companies/schools with the highest participation (as a percentage of the total number of employees) are the winners in the "motivation team" ranking, the 3 best receive a trophy.

In addition, the fastest runner and the fastest runner are also awarded.

If an apprentice is present, the fastest runner and the fastest runner will also be awarded in this category.

Finally, the "outfit" also plays a role: the three most original and striking creative outfits also receive a prize!

ATB was there for the 3rd time this year. Every year more employees joined the team - so ATB was honoured with the SILBER Cup this year.

At this point, many thanks for the prominent support of Melina-Sophie, who has worked in the ATB team with drive and verve. 

The event is enjoying increasing enthusiasm - every year more groups take part and the number of spectators is constantly increasing.

ATB will certainly be there in 2020 as well!

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The AOK company run in Herford. ATB took part
Group photo at the AOK company run in Herford
Photo of the trophy for participation in the company run