ATB signs a cooperation contract with the Egyptian government

The Ministry of Military Production in Cairo signed an agreement with ATB WATER this week on cooperation in the field of decentralised wastewater treatment and recycling. ATB will thus enter into close cooperation with various ministries.

"With our know-how in the fields of decentralised wastewater treatment and recycling, we can make a major contribution to water protection in Egypt. We are proud to have this opportunity as a medium-sized German company", said Markus Baumann, the ATB managing director .

The Minister for Military Production, Mohamed Saed el-Assar, was personally present at the signing of the contract. This shows the high priority of the cooperation with ATB WATER in Egypt.

In the coming months there will be an intensive exchange of experiences between representatives of the government and experts from ATB in order to start implementing the first projects as soon as possible.

In Egypt, there is still an enormous need for decentralised sewage technology. In the country with approx. 100 million inhabitants (in approx. 250 large cities, approx. 4,700 cities / village municipalities and approx. 30,000 settlements) more than 40 million inhabitants do not have state of the art kind of sewage disposal so far. In rural areas even more than 80 %.

The issue of wastewater recycling must not be neglected in the construction of new sewage treatment plants. Since many regions, such as the Nile Delta, are supplied with water from seawater desalination, the wastewater must be treated in such a way that it can be reused for irrigation in food production.

ATB has extensive experience in wastewater recycling and related irrigation from numerous international projects.