ATB has been awarded at the "Amsterdam International Water Week" for its innovation SEWTREE.

Heavy rain, overheated cities in summer, air and water pollution - ATB has developed the SEWTREE for precisely these challenges.


The SEWTREE is an externally planted column with a special filter medium that cleans water and actively removes pollutants from the air.

"This innovation can be installed in cities in a very space-saving way and thus makes an immense contribution to environmental protection," says Managing Director Markus Baumann.

At the "AQUATECH Innovation Awards" ATB has been awarded the special prize "Special Mention".


The comments of the jury: 

„SEWTREE is a natural purification and buffering system for stormwater run-off that provides safe wastewater treatment in urban areas/large cities. By using plants to transport, filter and purify water, the system is 'attractive and innovative', the jury commented. They added that SEWTREE has the potential to create high impact by making water treatment visible, offering social relevance and community value.”

During the "Amsterdam International Water Week", SEWTREE was highly praised by many experts from the water industry.

Certificate of the Aquatech Award Ceremony
Aquatec Award Ceremony Stage