UPDATE // CSR-Project*: Wastewater treatment in Vietnam

*(CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility)

In this part of the world, almost every public building has toilet facilities that are regularly cleaned and serviced. Unfortunately, however, the reality in many developing countries is still very sobering: In many cases there are simply no toilets at all or they are so run-down and cleaned to such a poor standard (if at all) that it makes you think twice about using them. The stench and swarming, disease-carrying insects make this situation even worse. A lack of education and the resulting poor understanding of the necessity of wastewater treatment are the biggest obstacles in changing this situation across many regions. In addition to improving hygiene conditions, it is absolutely essential to raise awareness of this issue.

ATB has been working to support the non-profit association Water Solutions International e.V. (WSI) from Berlin in improving sanitary conditions in Vietnamese school facilities since 2015.

WSI has been tackling the issue where it really matters locally for many years now and has already completed the construction of a school toilet and a decentralized wastewater treatment system for a primary school in the city of Vinh in northern Vietnam. The old, partly dilapidated toilet facilities were completely overhauled so that they could be used again without any restrictions and so that the pupils could feel comfortable throughout the premises. In addition, training and educational measures are implemented to make pupils, parents and teachers aware of the need for wastewater treatment. This approach is to be continued and expanded on an ongoing basis. Theoretical basic knowledge is integrated within the programme together with practical demonstrations.

A great deal has been achieved in the course of the last three years; awareness events relating to the environment and health as well as training courses for technical personnel have been held in cooperation with the local municipality. Our General Manager Markus Baumann travelled to Vietnam last month to gain an impression for himself of the local conditions and the progress of the project and was impressed by the work of the association. Further visits are planned for the future.

We are delighted to be supporting this project and wish all employees of the association continued success in their work!

If you are interested in more information, feel free to contact us or visit WSI online: www.watersolutions-int.org/csr