ATB supports Viva con Agua for Christmas

Under the principle "Water for everyone - everyone for water", the association Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. promotes that all people of the world have access to clean drinking water. The association projects follow the principle WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene –

and improve the living conditions of many people in long-term. The triad of these project components enables continuous success.


Many countries do not have enough financial resources for professional sanitary facilities or a clean drinking water supply. This is why we support Viva con Agua, so this association can make it possible that people in poorer countries have a chance to live healthy.

In many projects, fountains and environmentally friendly sanitary facilities are built and gutters or water tanks are installed. Viva con Agua fills gaps in the world that we cannot fill.

So we decided to make a Christmas donation to Viva con Agua.

But that's not enough! – From now on we will drink the Viva con Aqua mineral water at ATB, so we can say after every open bottle, that we contributed another part to clean drinking water. Because our products are also committed to the sustainable protection of waters, it is self-evident for us to support the association "Viva con Agua".


We wish you a Merry Christmas.