WorldWaterDay 2016

World Water Day is held every year on March 22 - an important date, especially in our industry. Water is becoming increasingly scarce - making it all the more important to use it responsibly.

In this country, clean water is taken for granted - available whenever we turn on the tap. Bathrooms are often much more than just a place to "do your business." In less well-developed countries around the world, however, things are still very different: Hygienic, clean sanitary facilities are still rare and many people are not familiar with how to use them. That's why we decided this year to support a project run by the non-profit organization Water Solutions International e.V. (WSI) this year. WSI is based in Berlin and is active in the water and wastewater sector in numerous developing and emerging countries.

Currently, WSI is working on a guide on the topic of "Holistic Sanitation in Schools", in which the most important instructions for the creation of teaching materials and curricula on the topic of "Water & Health", the construction of decentralized wastewater treatment plants in schools and many other tips up to materials for health education of the population will be compiled. The target group of the guide are institutions and non-governmental organizations in emerging and developing countries, especially in the school and education sector. We are pleased to be able to support such an important project!

Even though we do not (yet) have to worry about access to clean water, we ask you too to pay special attention to the way we treat water - not only on World Water Day, of course.