ATB WATER - 20 years of innovations for clean water. 

20 years ago, on 1st April 1999, we made an enduring change to the entire industry as the first supplier of serialy produced retrofitting unit for sewage treatment plants using the SBR process.

The AQUAMAX ® has revolutionised the market.

After 20 years of ATB history, we are now a globally active specialist for decentralised and semi-centralised sewage systems: from standardised small sewage treatment plants to application-specific solutions, i.e. for food processing or the tourism sector as well as for components for equipping sewage treatment plants.

As wastewater experts, we will do our utmost to contribute innovative ideas to the water resources of our planet.

Our vision "A world with clean water" will continue to drive us in the future. Look forward to new solutions for urban areas with which we are responding to global climate change. You can also look forward to the consistent further development in the area of decentralized wastewater technology through to the reuse of treated wastewater.


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