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Leakage Tests

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Order number: 78100064
High quality pressure hose Compressed air coupling and plug connection NW7.2 Colour blue 5 metres
€111.14 *
Order number: 99000318
Aquametrics BPS03 complete set Leakage test system Water level test (water filling test, level measurement) For leakage testing of small wastewater...
€6,159.40 *
Order number: 99000319
House connection leak test system/test device with air. (optionally also as water test) - DIN EN 1610 - DIN EN 1986- - DWA A-139 Operating...
€7,405.70 *
Order number: 99000320
Measuring device for leak testing of pipelines and shafts as overpressure and underpressure test. For socket testing and vacuum testing of...
€3,686.37 *
Order number: 99000321
These sealing cushions are suitable for special application conditions, e.g. in sewer connections. Along with the sealing of pipes they are also...
€253.28 *
Order number: 99000323
Control of shut-off bladders and pipe sealing cushions With analogue manometer Overpressure valve 2.5 bar
€223.41 *
Order number: 99000324
High-quality cable extension for measurement systems BPS01, BPS02 and BPS03. With plug, socket and protective cap 10 m cable
€297.57 *
Order number: 99000325
High-quality cable extension for measurement systems BPS01, BPS02 and BPS03. With plug, panel jack and protective caps length 25 m
€679.70 *
Order number: 99000326
For rapid filling of shut-off bladders incl. adapter on compressed air connection. Suitable for 2.5 bar filling valve Base plate and piston made...
€133.80 *
Order number: 99000327
Measuring free level tank for water pressure testing. Test cylinder can be detached from the tripod. Consisting of: - Tripod to hold the open-top...
€659.10 *
Order number: 99000328
For simple and to the millimetre accurate reading of measured values. Measuring range up to 5 m Scale resolution in mm Simple operation Rapid...
€179.12 *
Order number: 99000330
Software module as partial software and single location version for the testing of separator plants. In accordance with DIN 1999-100 as normal...
€1,273.08 *