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Order number: 45000002
Complete pipe with the AQUASwitch® for the installation and retrofitting of the AQUAmax® BASIC or CLASSIC to the new switch system with the low...
€95.69 *
Order number: 45000011
Incl. an equipment plug, for exchange with an existing supply cable
€105.99 *
Order number: 45000012
Incl. an equipment plug, a coupling and shrink-on sleeve
€85.39 *
Order number: 45000049
For the connection of a foreign outside plant - employment for example for AQUATO® or AQUA-SIMPLEX® (see data sheet)
€35.95 *
Order number: 84500124
- suitable for almost all current plants - no “third hand” necessary to hold the plug for measurements - easy identification of the pin allocation...
€27.71 *
€30.80 *
Order number: 45000068
Suitable for McWater® plants upwards from 17 PT and AQUAPRIMO® K eco plants, cable length 15 m
€117.32 *
Order number: 45000071
e.g. for the retrofitting of old BBW trickling filter plants in combination with the exchange of the existing control through conventional float...
€255.34 *
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