imemflo ® MBR Bioreactor
MBR Membrane Bioreactor
imemflo ® - Designed in Germany. Assembled in India!

imemflo ® MBR Bioreactor - Efficient and Most Advanced Technology for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Higher permeate quality for discharge or reuse
  • No impact from feed water’s fluctuation
  • Longer sludge retention time (SRT): less sludge 
  • Reduced footprint - ½ to ¼ of a conventional plant.
  • High MLSS sludge concentrations (4 to 12 g/l)
  • Biological removal of ammonia by nitrification process
  • No clarifiers (no bulking and sludge rising problems)


MBR combines the advantages of membrane filtration and biological treatment technology. It uses a membrane module instead of a secondary sedimentation tank in conventional activated sludge process. The filtration membrane greatly improves the solid-liquid separation ability of the system, producing higher permeate water quality and volume.

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Imemflo Membranfiltration

Clear Benefits

  • Incorporate advance membrane technology
  • Ideal for sites where water reuse is required or economic
  • High removal efficiency for nitrogen, BOD & COD
  • Less process to achieve comparable effluent quality
  • Reduce sludge yield
  • High quality effluent
  • Small foot prints
Application possibilities imemflo ® MBR bioreactor


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Capacity increase
  • Plant modification and expansion
  • Re-use of treated wastewater for toilet flush, car wash, construction, gardening etc.

Commercial Applications, such like

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment for Recovery and Re-use
  • Tanneries, Textile Dye and Bleaching Effluents
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process Industries
  • Automobile and Engineering
  • Food and Beverage

Permanent hydrophilic properties

Dry storage, engineering installation and maintenance do not require hydrophilization pretreatment. Reduce the cost of transportation, operation & maintenance ...

High flux & effluent quality (SDI < 2)

Uniform pore size ensures consistently high permeability with minimal clogging. Strong anti-fouling ability, and long service life...

Unique membrane structure

Numerous small-diameter pores are distributed throughout the membrane surface with a narrow diameter distribution. This unique asymmetric structure ensures higher treated water quality and minimizes fouling and clogging for consistently high water permeability...


  • Up to 0.01μm Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Automatic cyclic membrane/  backwash and CIP System
  • Proven design
  • Fully factory tested
  • Steel modular construction
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Minimum filed assembly.
  • Effluent quality BOD < 5 ;  TSS < 1 ;  Turbidity < 1

Membrane bioreactor function

imemflo Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) can be described as one part of a biological process where small microbes degrade pollutants before being filtered by a collection of submerged membranes. Membranes are housed in modules that are, in turn, assembled into cassettes and installed in a tank (called an MBR). Air introduced through integral diffusers scours membrane surfaces during filtration, mixes the tank and provides oxygen to the biological process.

The Imemflo MBR wastewater treatment system incorporating the following process stages:

1. Inlet screening
2. Primary / Anoxic tank – denitrification
3. Aeration / Membrane Bioreactor tank – nitrification
4. Submerged membrane filtration modules
5. Permeate receiving and disinfection
6. RAS and sludge removal

Operating principle membrane technology
Hollow fiber membranes
Hollow fiber membranes
Hollow fiber membranes

Hollow Fiber - Module


HF-MBR is assembled as a complete filtration module. It consists of a stainless-steel cage or skid, made up of several elements including hollow fiber membranes.

  • designed for MBR plants and tertiary treatment
  • bi-directional suction configuration to enhance filtration performances
  • allows large flux and low investment cost


PVDF Hollow Fiber

HMBR-MA/MB elements have a microporous structure in the membrane's surface of 0.25μm for optimal microfiltration. PVDF materials delivers greater strength & durability.

HMBR-MA/MB Series membranes are made of a strong tubular woven tube and coated with a functional layer of our proprietary permanently hydrophilic PVDF membrane.

Material Features
- Permanently hydrophilic
- Enhanced durability tensile strength
- High permeability 
- Excellent chemical resistance

HMBR MA/MB Element (MVE)
It has a bi-directional suction configuration to enhance filtration performances. H-MBR allows large flux and low investment cost.

HMBR MA/MB Features
- High packing density
- Dry storage
- Modular line-up

Flat membranes

Flat Sheet Module


Flat sheet membranes are made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength. With advanced membrane fabrication technology, we use the membrane pore size around 0.1 um to get a higher water flux and water quality. The mortise and tenon structure is used in the support plate to get a more stable spacing without side panels. The support plate can be installed from top and installed from one side without the limits of the construction site conditions.

Laser engraving diamond flow path, coupled with special umbrella support structure, make the suction pressure distribution much better without diverting nonwoven fabrics. This structure reduces the risk of fouling and improves the water flow rate.