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As a manufacturer of small sewage treatment plants for many years, we are of course also your partner for maintenance. Good and regular maintenance by qualified specialists saves money! By regular maintenance work we increase the life span of your small sewage treatment plant considerably.

Why ATB WATER is the right partner when it comes to maintenance...

  • Local

    Comprehensive service network by our own specialist staff and our certified service partners directly on site.


  • Unbeatable value

    Because we are represented comprehensively.


  • Reliable

    Since we work exclusively with certified companies.


  • Fast

    Our emergency service can be quickly on site in case of an emergency. Europe!


  • DWA certified

You need a maintenance contract for your small wastewater treatment plant?

Use our contact form and simply write to us. You will receive a maintenance offer from us or a local partner tailored to your small wastewater treatment plant. 

It will help if you can provide the following information:


  • Which small sewage treatment plant do you have (manufacturer/type)?
  • How many people are connected?
  • In which district is the plant located?
  • How old is your sewage treatment plant?

With this information we can make you a non-binding offer for the maintenance contract of your small sewage treatment plant. 

If you have any questions about small sewage treatment plants and would like advice on this, please feel free to make an appointment.

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What else you should know about the maintenance of small sewage treatment plants...

The scope of maintenance depends on the existing wastewater treatment plant. Not only the function of the components is checked, but also the biological processes. You should always ask for a maintenance contract before buying a plant, so that you know exactly the follow-up costs.

The maintenance work is described in the "General Building Approval" of the DiBt and in the manuals of the wastewater treatment plant manufacturers. 

The approvals stipulate that only qualified personnel may carry out maintenance work. Always have the specialist certificate of the maintenance technician shown to you.
The function of the small sewage treatment plant is confirmed by water analyses. For this purpose, a sample of the cleaned waste water is taken and analysed by the maintenance company or an approved laboratory. The required limit values of the "General Building Approval" must be observed.

This work is usually carried out, depending on the wastewater treatment system:

General maintenance works:


  • Cleaning work at the sewage treatment plant
  • Inspection of the structural condition of all plant components
  • Function control of the plant equipment
  • Preparation of the maintenance protocol


Scope of services of a maintenance:

  • Control of the effluent of the sewage treatment plant
  • Measurement of the temperature in the small sewage treatment plant and the outlet
  • Control of settleable substances
  • pH measurement 
  • Sampling to determine the required effluent values, e.g. COD, N and P
  • Color inspection of the effluent water
  • Checking the visibility depth of the bioreactor