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ATB Academy – Overview of our Online-Seminars

In spring 2020, we launched the ATB Academy. Since then, we have already conducted 25 online seminars on numerous topics in the field of environmental protection, in German and English.  This is reason enough to continue offering you exciting topics in an appealing and informative way in online seminars. In addition to environmental protection and water/wastewater in general, there are also specific topics such as wastewater treatment, decentralised/semi-centralised wastewater treatment plants, water reuse and integrated overall concepts. As always, participation is free of charge.

Based on the experience and feedback of previous years, we have decided to no longer offer only individual presentations, but to bundle suitable presentations on important topics in a joint event. This will increase the breadth and depth of information and discussions.

We hope to be able to offer you support and stimulation in your daily work with this offer.

Have a look at the selection below. Perhaps there is a suitable event for you. Just click on the corresponding link and register. You will then receive confirmation and further information on the program.

Your Thomas Gester

At the moment we have no current dates. In the fall of 2023, you can expect interesting online seminars again!

Topics of our past online seminars 2023

  1. Reuse of treated wastewater for (agricultural) irrigation purposes (25.01.2023)
  2. Industrial wastewater / heavy polluters - challenges and opportunities (08.02.2023)

Topics of our past online seminars 2022

Can decentralized solutions in wastewater treatment and stormwater management reduce or even avoid climate change impacts?


  1. How do I protect my building against backwater events? (01.02.2022)
  2. Decentralised/semicentralised stormwater management (02.02.2022)
  3. Performance and testing of decentralized stormwater treatment systems (09.02.2022)
  4. ALLOWS – a programme as a decision-making aid for the right wastewater treatment (16.02.2022)
  5. Water Solutions International (WSI e.V.) – experienced water experts introduce themselves (02.03.2022)

Would you like to learn more about our speakers? You can find further information here: Instructors of our Online-Seminars.

Do you still have suggestions for online seminars that you could not (yet) find here? Then please contact us here. Perhaps we can include this topic in our programme in the future.

Joining the Online-Seminars by the ATB Academy

We use the program "Zoom Pro Webinar 100" to conduct our Online-Seminars. This program is browser based. That means you do not need to download a program. Once you have registered for an Online-Seminar, you will receive an invitation e-mail with the corresponding internet link. Please click on this link and dial in shortly before the Online-Seminar starts.

If you did not receive an invitation e-mail, please also check your spam folder.

You will be taken to a kind of waiting room until the administrator/moderator of the Online-Seminar starts the event. During the presentation the microphones of the audience are muted. During the presentation questions/contributions are possible via the chat function "FAQ". After the presentation, microphones for acoustic questions/contributions can be opened by the administrator after clicking on the corresponding icon « Lift by hand ».

Further information is available here.