Online-Seminars by ATB WATER

Overview of Online-Seminars

Since its foundation in 1999 ATB WATER GmbH has developed into a leading producer and supplier in the field of decentralised and semi-central wastewater treatment. In addition to the production and service of small wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment systems, ATB also offers the entire range of mechanical engineering equipment for biological wastewater treatment. For this purpose ATB maintains production and research facilities at various locations in the EU. Our engineering team supports you with its expertise during the entire planning process. 

Therefore, I am particularly pleased to be able to introduce you to some interesting practical topics in combination with my more than 20 years of company tradition and my now more than 30 years of industry experience together with my experienced colleagues as well as external highly qualified experts. For this purpose, the ATB Academy was founded, which is dedicated to these topics, mainly in a modern, compressed web-based form. We hope to present an interesting offer that will support and inspire you in your daily work. Please have a look at the following selection with different topics in several languages and on different dates. Perhaps there is an event you would like to attend. Go to the corresponding link and register. You will then receive a confirmation and further information about the schedule.Your Thomas Gester

Die CSB Messung – Unterschiedliche Geräte und Methoden (German)

Topics: Vorstellung alternativer Messgeräte und Kosteneinsparung durch Verwendung alternativer Küvetten.

02.07.2020, 16:00 | Duration: 45min

Compensation of your organisation’s CO2 emissions by investing in wastewater treatment (for small communities in developing countries) including biomass production (English)

Topics: You want to actively remove your CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, forever? And at the same time achieve SDG targets? C3 is a concept that does not require high technology at all! We combine the capture and removal of CO2 with the production of biomass, the protection of forests and biodiversity as well as free-of-charge wastewater treatment in rural communities... unique and sustainable! Our seminar will highlight the idea, principles, opportunities and limitations of the C3 concept. Tune in and learn about a brand-new approach to CO2 compensation!

07.07.2020, 10:00 am | Duration: 45 min (15:00 pm Vietnam, 18:00 pm Australia)
07.07.2020, 16:00 pm | Duration: 45 min (08:00 am Edmonton, 09:00 am Mexiko, 10:00 am New York, 21:00 pm Vietnam)

Der ATB Universalschacht – Der ATB Universalschacht als Abwasser- oder Regenwasserhebeanlage (German)

Topics: Das Baukastensystem für den ATB Universalschacht. (Deutsch)

09.07.2020, 16:00 | Duration: 45min

Warum sind zentrale Abwasserbehandlungsanlagen nicht immer die ideale Lösung? – Dezentrale und semizentrale Abwasserbehandlung durch SBR Anlagen (German)

Topics: Es werden verschiedene Szenarien für die Abwasser – Erschließung vorgestellt. Deren Anforderungen sowie Vor- und Nachteile verschiedener Ausführungen. Anschließend wird die Umsetzung an praktischen Beispielen einschl. der Wiederverwendung des behandelten Wassers gezeigt.(Deutsch)

16.07.2020, 10:00 | Duration: 45min

Would you like to learn more about our speakers? You can find further information here: Instructors of our Online-Seminars.

Joining the Online-Seminars

We use the program "Zoom Pro Webinar 100" to conduct our Online-Seminars. This program is browser based. That means you do not need to download a program.
Once you have registered for an Online-Seminar, you will receive an invitation email with the corresponding internet link. Please click on this link and dial in shortly before the Online-Seminar starts.
You will be taken to a kind of waiting room until the administrator / moderator of the Online-Seminar starts the event. During the presentation the microphones of the audience are muted. During the presentation questions / contributions are possible via the chat function FAQ. After the presentation, microphones for acoustic questions / contributions can be opened by the administrator after clicking on the corresponding icon « Lift by hand ».
For further information please look at this Zoom-video on youtube.